The Vidyalaya is having 14 well furnished class rooms with necessary electrical fittings and provision for various technology aided learning items. 


The Vidyalaya has a room that is developed as a RESOURCE CENTRE with computer, LCD Projector.  It is utilized for computer aided teaching of different subjects, conduct of Workshops and Special Programmes on Guidance and Counselling, Value Education, NAEP program etc.  



There are one computer labs in the Vidyalaya for different groups of students.  The computer department has educational CDs on all subjects.  Teachers are provided with CDs and Floppies for preparing their lessons for class room interaction at the Resource Centre.  The students use the lab with internet facility for logging in to the think.com website and do projects and interact with students and teachers.  Computer Science is taught as an Elective subject for Science students at the +2 level. The Lab for these students is equipped with all software’s required for their studies. 


K V Beawar can brag of impeccable and well maintained science labs namely the physics, chemistry and biology which are mostly used by the senior students.  These are fully equipped with every kind of modern apparatus required for the AISSE Practical Examinations as prescribed by the Central Board Secondary Education. The labs are also well stocked with models (still and working), charts and other specimen required for the proper understanding of the science subjects and Computers

The Vidyalaya has a well-equipped Physics Lab, especially for the classes IX-XII students. The Lab has all the necessary equipments and apparatus. The Practicals are done as per the schedule planned and displayed in the Lab. 

The Chemistry lab has the following facilities

1) Thirty students can do practicals at a time.
2) LPG supply is provided.
3) Students from class XI and XII are using the lab.
4) The laboratory has sufficient for doing practicals up to class XII.
5) The laboratory has all the non-consumables required for practicals up to higher secondary stage.
6) The lab is having chemical and electronic balances.

The Biology Lab has the following facilities

The Biology Lab is well-equipped with all the basic facilities for the students up to class XII. We have very good collections of bottle specimens, prepared slides stuffed materials charts etc. Our lab is also enriched with water bath Binocular Microscope, PH meter, Sphigmomanometer, Haemoglobinometer, Haemocytometer, Overhead projector, original Human Skeleton etc.  All these materials are arranged systematically inside the lab at the easy reach of the students.


The Vidyalaya has developed a Children's Park and an Adventure park for the tiny tots of Primary Section.  It is equipped with a Merry Go-Round, Ladder & Slide,  Jingle Jim, Jack & Jill, Revolving drum, Parallel bars, Balancing bar .


The Vidyalaya gives coaching in various games and sports with help of expert coach.  We   Provide Volley Ball Ground and 400 mtr Running track.